There were few billion realities you could have chosen from, and you chose this one - some lazily-dressed guy waking up. You’re kind of weird, aren’t you? Well, suit yourself.

You are now trapped in the reality of Stasis Newman. The year is 3018, it’s a Monday morning, and you’re barely awake. Your shirt sticks to you from the sweat of the night. Your heat-providing pillows are broken and they’re set on “hot”, giving you terrible nights. You wish you had the money to get them fixed.

Speaking of money, you should probably get dressed, and quick. You just got a new job, a well-paying one, thank god, and you’d rather not be late for your first day there. You don’t want to get fired immediately, even though it’s not a job anyone would want. It’s not like you want to work with mutants either, anyways, but you have two brothers to feed as well as yourself, and a bunch of heat pillows that need repair, so you’ll stick with that job for a while. How bad can it be, anyways? You’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about the mutants, but really, they can’t be that much different from the animals you’ve worked with in the past… At least, you hope so.